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Pavers in Southern California

SoCal Pavers

At Lee's HVAC and Home Renovations, we are committed to provide the best paver services to all of our clients. A consultation is the first step in our process for working with clients to fully grasp their goals and requirements. To create a design that satisfies client demands, we take the time to consider their requirements, comprehend their stylistic preferences, and assess the site conditions.


Our skilled team will collaborate with the client to develop a unique paver design that satisfies all of their needs, including color, size, pattern, and materials. Following design approval, we begin site preparation, which includes grading and excavation, to build a sturdy foundation for the pavers. Then, each paver will be meticulously laid by our crew of expert craftsmen to provide the best possible installation.


For the pavers to last for many years, our crew will also make sure that the appropriate drainage and erosion control measures are performed. We include and inform the client frequently throughout the process to make sure the result lives up to their expectations. When a customer has questions or concerns, our team will work with them to find solutions and ensure that the end outcome is precisely what they had in mind. Because we back up our work and provide a thorough warranty for our paver services, our clients can rest easy knowing that their investment is secure.

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We at Lee's HVAC and Home Improvement are committed to ensuring that your house is perfect. You can feel secure knowing that you are in good hands if you choose us for all of your dream pavers designs.

The 3 Most Asked Pavers Questions

Are pavers high maintenance?

Compared to other hardscaping options like concrete or asphalt, pavers are regarded to require low maintenance. To preserve their look and avoid stains, they need routine cleaning and sealing. Over time, pavers may also settle or shift, necessitating sporadic realignment and repositioning. However, pavers can last for many years and offer a lovely and useful outdoor environment if proper installation and maintenance practices are followed. To prevent future damage and increase the lifespan of your paver installation, it is crucial to routinely check your pavers for any symptoms of deterioration and take immediate action if necessary.

How long does it take to install pavers?

The quantity of pavers being built, the size of the area, and the complexity of the design all affect how long it will take to install the pavers. An installation of pavers often takes a few days to a week or more to finish. It may take several days to complete the preparation process, which includes grading, excavation, and site preparation. It can take many days to lay the pavers properly and make sure they are spaced and aligned. The pavers must be given time to settle and set into place during the curing process, which might take several days. The installation procedure generally requires a major time and energy investment, but the end product is a lovely and useful outdoor place that can last for many years.

How much does it cost to install pavers?

The size of the area, the kind of pavers being used, and the complexity of the design are just a few of the variables that can dramatically affect the cost of installing pavers. An installation of pavers can cost anywhere between $15 and $30 per square foot on average, with more intricate designs and expensive materials costing more. Site preparation, excavation, grading, and any required retaining walls or other buildings are additional elements that may affect the cost. To fully grasp the project's cost and make an informed choice, it is crucial to obtain different quotes from contractors. In the end, making the investment in a paver installation can increase the value of your house and give you a lovely, useful outdoor space for many years to come.

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