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Air Duct Cleaning

by Lee's HVAC & Home Renovation Inc.

Air Duct Cleaning in Southern California

SoCal Air Duct Cleaning

We at Lee's HVAC and Home Renovations handle air duct cleaning in a thorough and client-centered manner. Our objective is to give our clients a flawless, stress-free experience. The procedure starts with a consultation, during which we examine the customer's air duct system and pay attention to their unique needs. Based on this data, we offer a precise and thorough quote that specifies the work's parameters, a projected timeline, and any additional services that could be required.


Our professionals are highly skilled and outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment and methods to fully clean the air ducts and increase the system's efficiency and air quality as a whole. We make an effort to limit any interference with the client's routine during the cleaning process and are aware of any worries they might have. To improve the overall function of the air duct system, we also provide other services like air duct sealing and air filter replacement.


After cleaning, we conduct a final examination to make sure the air ducts are in good condition and the client is happy with our job. We guarantee the quality of our work and are devoted to ensuring complete client satisfaction.


We cooperate with our clients to make sure their houses are secure and comfortable since we recognize the significance of a healthy and clean air duct system.

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We at Lee's HVAC and Home Renovations are committed to giving our clients the greatest air duct cleaning experience possible and take great pride in our standing as a reputable and dependable hvac business.

The 3 Most Asked Air Duct Cleaning Questions

How do I know if my air duct needs cleaning?

There are several signs that may indicate your air ducts need cleaning, such as: noticeable dust buildup on furniture and surfaces, poor indoor air quality, increased allergy or asthma symptoms, strange odors coming from the vents, reduced air flow from vents, and visible mold growth inside the air ducts. If you experience any of these issues, it may be a good idea to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned by a professional. Regular air duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality, enhance the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, and extend its lifespan. It is suggested an air duct gets cleaned at least once every 3 years to ensure air quality and health for household members.

How long does an air duct cleaning take?

The size of the house and the intricacy of the air duct system influence how long an air duct cleaning service takes. An entire air duct cleaning can typically be completed in a few hours to a half day. Cleaning the ducts completely includes cleaning the supply and return ducts as well as the air handler, air registers, grilles, and air handler. Additionally, the technician might have to clean the air ducts in numerous rooms and in challenging-to-reach places, which will take more time.

How much does it cost to get my air ducts cleaned?

The cost of air duct cleaning varies depending on several factors, such as the size of the home, the complexity of the air duct system, and the additional services offered, such as air duct sealing or air filter replacement. On average, the cost of a standard air duct cleaning service can range from $300 to $1000, with most services falling within the $500 to $700 range. It is important to note that the cost of air duct cleaning can vary widely based on the specific needs of each home, and it is best to obtain a quote from a professional to get an accurate estimate of the cost of the service. When evaluating the cost of air duct cleaning, it is important to consider the benefits it provides, such as improved indoor air quality, enhanced efficiency of your heating and cooling system, and extended lifespan of the system.

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